Andropause and Testosterone Replacement

Menopause marks the end of menstrual cycle and the reproductive ability in women. What happens in case of men? Do they ever experience a stage where they suffer from hormonal deficiencies that affect them? This is called andropause.

Andropause, precisely is nothing but drop in the level of testosterone due to aging factor.

It is purely hormonal but many factors may contribute to reduce testosterone levels in the body.

While age is the major reason, poor diet, stress, anxiety, side effects of medications, sudden weight gain, financial and emotional peer, etc also leads to andropause.

Andropause is not male infertility 

Andropause doesn’t mean men no longer produce sperms for fertilization. It is all about the deficiency or imbalance of the male hormones that dramatically affect men counterpart. Andropause is not an end to the male fertility.

Symptoms of andropause

  • Low libido / absence of libido
  • Irritability, unable to concentrate
  • Loss of muscle strength and feeling exhausted
  • Insomnia
  • Hot flashes
  • Impact the positivity and cheerful mood

In general, men are likely to experience the symptoms of andropause in early 50s to 60s.

Andropause and the associated risks

The symptoms of andropause affect men counterpart at different levels, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Andropause marks an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases due to high level of stress, depression and a negative state of mind. In addition, the risk of osteoporosis (weak bones) is likely in men who pass through andropause.

The dramatic change in the behavior and mood swings may also affect the personal and social life of men.

The problem of a single man in the family affects the whole family. This is likely to the reason why middle aged men in late 40s and early 50s behave abnormal (what is seen normal in other cases) under many circumstances.

How it affects your sex life

Andropause is characterized by suppression of male hormones. Apparently, it affects the sex life to a great extent.

A man who has active sex life also gets affected by andropause to a great extent. He always feels he lost interest in sex and never gains the libido easily due to low testosterone.

Besides, he also experience difficulty in getting/maintaining erections. This particular aspect fuels his ire and puts a lot of pressure on his sexual ability and performance.

At this stage, many men simply put the blame on age or just ‘relationships don’t work’ rather than understanding something is changing in the body. 

How to manage andropause

Andropause is almost like reversal of puberty. It is an important phase that one cannot avoid.

  • Focus on stress relief. Practice meditation, breathing exercises and exercise regularly can help.
  • Change the diet and lifestyle. Include proteins and fresh produce in your diet.
  • Reduce the foods that spike your glucose level easily (high carbs, processed foods, high sugary foods etc)
  • Discuss with your partner and you both can go for family therapy
  • Get cognitive support and if required psychotherapeutic support

Hormone replacement therapy is a major option to manage andropause. However, it associates with a lot of complications post therapy in the long run. Keep this as the final resort.

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