Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

When you have sex or get excited, your penis gets an erection. It’s natural. But sometimes your penis may not get an erection or your erection does not last long enough. You feel embarrassed and your world gets distorted. This is erectile dysfunction, (call it ED). If you fail to get an erection, you are not one in a million but one in ten. ED is commonly understood as a problem for your sexual life only. ED is one of the early signs of cardiovascular disease. An onset of ED can strongly predict cardiovascular disease in next 2-5 years.

How To Cure ED?

The cure for ED depends on the factors that contribute to ED.

  • Psychological factors such as stress, anxiety to perform or depression.
  • Side effects due to medicines (blood pressure control, diabetes)
  • Physiological due to problems in hormones, reproductive system, or tissues responsible for causing erection

As you age, the chance of ED increases due to changes in your body. But recently, it’s been observed that 18-24 group is more affected.

In 18-24 age group, causes of ED can be anxiety. Relax, not everyone can do perfect on day 1.

In 25 - 35 age group, causes of ED can be stress, relationship issues, and some medical issues. The cure for ED is to try new methods. Experiment. Give more time to your partner.

In 35 - 45 age group, causes of ED can be diabetes, hypertension, stress, physiological factors. Maintain healthy diet and lifestyle will help.

Above 45 years age group, causes of ED can be the onset of disease or illness. Consult a doctor if needed.

ED Treatment

Depending on the casual factor the treatment varies from person to person. If the ED is caused by a certain medication, your doctor may suggest reducing the dose or trying an alternative drug. 
In other cases, there are 4 widely used treatments for erectile dysfunction treatment in India.

  • Psychotherapy or counselling may be the initial treatment option. A well-qualified sexologist or qualified physician will help you with the cure for ED. Usually, your partner should also be present for psychotherapy.
  • Medicines used for the cure for ED are taken orally, injected into the penis or inserted into the urethra.
  • Vacuum device improves firmness by increasing blood flow to the penis. Vacuum devices are frequently used for penis rehabilitation, especially after prostate surgery.
  • Surgery is the last treatment option for ED. Surgery is usually only done if you have severe erectile dysfunction and no response from nonsurgical treatments.
  • New treatment therapies such as Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy are used to restore erectile mechanism.

Note: 1. Often people see that taking low testosterone cure is the cure for ED. Which is untrue and highly dangerous. Low testosterone cure is provided only after consultation with a sexologist or an endocrinologist.

2. Various over-the-counter products have been promoted as all-natural ways to enhance a man's sexual performance or promote erections. Yet, clinical evidence suggesting that herbs and supplements effectively treat erectile dysfunction is lacking. To get erectile dysfunction treatment consult qualified sexologists.

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