Safety: Oral Sex

Oral sex is too common in young men in the age group of early 20s and middle aged adults. The term ‘oral sex’ synonymously refers to ‘unprotected oral sex!’ In fact oral sex is a major cause of sexually transmitted diseases. Not many aware about the risk of oral sex.

Oral sex? Who cares for protection? This is the current scenario. In fact unprotected oral sex is too risky than the vaginal intercourse.

Most of the sexually transmitted infections (Chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea and HIV) pass through bodily fluids. Viruses like herpes and HPV (human papilla virus) passes also through oral sex. \HIV is not passed through oral sex in most cases. In case of protected oral sex (condoms and barriers) the risk of infection is high. If you use condoms and barriers perfectly, the risk of infection is very low.

Signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted infections

Do you notice any weird and strange symptoms? It is actually good that you are sure something is wrong and can get proper diagnosis. Well, some of the STIs like Chlamydia won’t show any symptoms.

  • Blisters, sores and spots in and around genitals
  • Rashes and warts in genital
  • Rashes in different parts of the body including the genitals
  • Unusual vaginal / penile discharge with foul smell
  • Genital itching, redness and thickening of the skin
  • Pain during bowel movements, burning sensation during urination
  • Pain during intercourse, which you never experienced before
  • Swelling of the groins

Treating STIs caused due to unprotected oral sex

Proper diagnosis is important to identify the type of infection.


In case of bacterial STIs like gonorrhea and Chlamydia, taking a course of antibiotics is sufficient to clear the infection.

For viral infections like HPV and warts, antibiotics are prescribed to reduce the extent of symptoms.

Anti-viral medicines

Viral infections literally have no cure on genital herpes. If it is diagnosed as herpes anti-viral shots and medicines are prescribed to control the symptoms. 

Healthy adults often clear the viral infection on their own, provided they stick to hygienic practices and practice safer sex.

When oral sex is safe without protection?

When the tongue and mouth are healthy without cuts and sores, the risk of getting the sexually transmitted infections is too low and uncommon. Still, it is possible. Mouth sores, ulcers and scrapes set the clear path to transmit the virus or bacteria into the blood stream. It is literally safe to use protection unless you are 100 % sure that your partner is a clean bill. Even the minor injury or sore that arose from biting the tongue can be carrier of STI.

Periodic testing and getting proper diagnosis is crucial to ensure you are out of risk. We offer you comprehensive diagnostic packages to help you. You can talk to us, clarify about the infection, get tested. If there is need for further tests and treatments, we guide you with proper treatments.

Don’t gamble with you. You put the life of your partner at risk. If you are afraid of unprotected oral sex you had in the past, don’t hesitate to check your health.

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