Penis Size Problems

Does size matter?

Penis size problem is a common concern for teenage boys as well as grown men. An average penile size varies from 2.5 to 4 inch (approx. 6 to 10 cm) in flaccid state and form 4.5 inch to 6.5 inch (11 cm to 16cm approx.) when erect and a diameter of 1 inch when in limp state, 1.5 inch when erect. However, the variation in flaccid penile sizes tend to even out when erect.

A common myth is that larger the penis the more sexual pressure he gives to a woman. This is false. A woman’s vagina expands to accommodate penis of variable size. During sexual arousal, the opening of vagina narrows as surrounding tissue becomes congested. Simultaneously, the inside of the vagina expands, decreasing direct simulation from penile thrusting and making the penile size irrelevant. Women have greater nerve endings on the external part vagina (clitoris) which on simulation provides greater sexual satisfaction.

Making penis longer

Penis enlargement surgery has been hyped by spam advertising. 70% of men who have it are dissatisfied with the result because they are expecting an unrealistic result. The operation can be risky, because important nerves that carry sensation can be damaged and infection or bleeding can also occur, and unsightly scarring is common. If you are considering this operation, make sure that you find a reputable surgeon.

For men with small penis size problem such as unable to deep penetrate easily are of great concern. Change positions will allow them for a fruitful penetration. For example:

  • Elevate women by placing a pillow below her and having sex in missionary position
  • Doggy style with women’s legs together
  • Man entering women from behind with his knees outside women’s legs and face down with legs together

There is a lot more to great sex than just penetration; mutual masturbation, oral sex etc. Don’t let penis size problem interfering your sex life.

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