Premarital counselling

A common question in the minds of many men – am I sexually fit? Premarital counselling or sexual counselling with specialists will help in answering these questions. A doubt about sexuality is a disease by itself. You can get a sexual counselling and also sex fitness assessment tests from a qualified medical practitioner like a sexologist, andrologist, or urologist.

What is covered in premarital counselling?

Premarital counselling is where your doctor will provide you information about sexual health, answers all your questions relate to sex. Along with sexual counselling, premarital check-ups provide you with a medical evaluation whether you can perform sex. To assess sexual fitness, you will undergo the following tests.

You will need to take a blood test, semen analysis and sonography of private parts. The test included are:

  1. Test for general fitness of the body
  2. Hormone assessment
  3. Blood supply and blood pumping system of the penis
  4. Nerve stimulation of penis
  5. Sonography of private parts
  6. Examination of semen

Sex fitness tests are performed in a clinic. The person who would like to have sex fitness tests shall need to visit the clinic fasting and not perform masturbation in past three days.

The total duration for tests will last for 3-4 hours. After the tests are done, sit with your consulting doctor and get a psychological assessment of sexuality and sex fitness.

Note that: sex fitness reports gives you an estimate of your sexual performance.

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