Premature Ejaculation

When you ejaculate sooner than your partner, it is premature ejaculation (PME) – a common sexual problem. This is quite common among men less than 30 years, especially among those having sex for the first time. It is estimated that about 20% men suffer from PME at one point or other.

How long should sex ideally last?

There is no ideal duration for sex. On an average starting from foreplay to orgasm, the average duration of sex is 2-7 minutes.

Treatment for PME

PME in most cases is situational. You can follow these remedies for controlling PME.

  • Frequent sex
  • Masturbating a couple of hours before sex
  • Sex with the woman on top.

These techniques can help you to delay ejaculation:

  • Use thick condoms: Thick condoms can help in decreasing sensitivity of the penis.
  • Take deep breaths before ejaculation: This can slow down ejaculation and stimulation
  • Think about something that is very boring, distracting or annoying
  • Psychological exercises
    • Yoga and meditation
    • Psycho-therapy
    • Therapy and counselling
    • Sex therapy
    • Self-help techniques
  • Medicines (if needed)

Self-help techniques: (may be useful and satisfy the man, but using these techniques can bore the woman and she may lose interest in sex. Men can use these techniques but need patience and perseverance while performing.)

  • Start-stop technique
  • Squeeze technique

Beware of counterfeit drugs

One can see a lot of counterfeit drugs claiming to increase the ejaculation time for more than 20 minutes. They are just a pill of viagra and these drugs cost you a lot. Be cautious.

Always consult a doctor before taking any medication. Some these counterfeit drugs can lead to other health problems, worsen your condition and lead to allergic reactions.

Talking about PME

PME is a medical condition that can be treated. Your doctor won’t dismiss your situation, however small or big it is. Everything you say to a doctor is highly confidential.

Leaving PE untreated can have psychological effects on you and your partner as well. Sometimes, this leads to your relationship problems. It is often because of their wives/partner that men with PME go to see their doctor. Talking to your partner about PE and sharing your feelings with them is the first step towards dealing with the condition as a couple.

You need to visit doctor along with your wife/partner for more fruitful treatment.

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