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“Are sex toys as effective as some people claim them to be?” “My sex life is pretty good. Will getting a sex toy enhance it further?” The answer is yes, they do work. Yet a major chunk of the Indian population considers them as some sort of taboo. How do sex toys help to enhance sex life? serve any medical purpose?

Muscles strengthening

For women, suffering from incontinence, exercising Kegels helps to strengthen they pubococcygeal muscles. Kegels with balls, barbells is more effective and help you with not only incontinence but also enhance your orgasm.

For men with prostrate disorders, a dildo massage helps in draining the build-up fluid. But, a person with prostrate disorder must consult an andrologist/urologist before using dildo.

Increase of blood flow

Sex toys stimulate your genitals, breasts and other. Stimulation increases the blood flow which is essential for stronger and longer erections. For men, a penis pump is recommended and for women pump for clitoris can be used.

These devices pulses and sucks to improve blood flow to the genital area thereby increasing arousal and helps the body to lubricate itself and have a pleasurable sex. Additionally, some doctors believe that use of sex toys can help women to recover faster from surgeries like C section.

Benefit for Diabetes, Depression, High Blood Pressure

Sex toys are recreational as well as enhance sexual life for a person with other disease conditions. Diabetes affects nerve sensation, which leads to dull sexual sensation. Medicines for high blood pressure and depression can cause side effects that reduce sexual response.

Women in menopause, have reduced in sensation of clitoris and suffer nerve damages. Sex toys catalyzes sexual response and increase arousal.

You can use them for masturbation or sex

Sex toys are versatile. Not only do they help make your masturbation experiences better, but also these products can help enhance sexual sessions with your partner if used right.

For example, a vibrator can be used by a woman in two different scenarios: when she is masturbating or when her partner is performing oral sex on her.

Revitalize to your sex life

Many couples go through periods where they do not desire each other as they did before. These are the times when you need to innovate and experience with new things. If used properly, sex toys can bring back the excitement and spice in your sex life and make it better. It can help them overcome a mundane, boring sexual routine.

Most sex toys are made to enhance man’s performance during sex. Some of these are designed for masturbation purpose whereas some are exclusively for anal play. You can buy quality sex toys via online though Adult Products India. Whether you are single, married, straight or gay, there is a sex toy made just right for you.

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