Abortion - Safe Methods and Costs

Yes, you are a pregnant but not happy. You want to get aborted. Let me leave behind the lecture and debate about safe sex, I would like to give a guided approach to deal with abortion and its after affects.

Firstly, talk to your partner if you feel so. But from medical and legal point of view it’s not at all necessary. It’s all your decision.  Believe you are doing nothing wrong.

Always go for a qualified doctor, having experience or training in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Never compromise on the qualification of the doctor just to save some money. There are large number of quacks who exploit the situation leaving the women with serious disabilities, infertility and even death, from incomplete or septic procedures. This is also a legal binding. If any non qualified doctor is found to perform abortion he or she is liable to prosecution.

Abortion and stage of pregnancy

Abortion can be carried through medicines or surgery depending on the stage of pregnancy. (counting from the first day of your last menstrual cycle):

  1. 63 days (9 weeks): Can be done with tablets or sometimes by surgery, depending on your choice and medical condition.
    • Tablets are safe, effective with success rate of more than 90%. If tablets fail, then you may need surgery.
    • The patient does not need any admission, anesthetic, any surgical procedure

  2. 9 – 12 weeks: The abortion needs a surgical route.
    • This is a simple procedure and done under an anesthetic at certified day care centers
    • Patient can go home after a few hours

  3. 12 – 20 weeks: surgical procedure – a longer procedure where the patient might need to stay for overnight in the hospital. In such cases, opinion of two doctors is necessary.

Usually a gynecologist performs abortion, however, if a general practitioner has undergone training and possesses certification, then he/she is permitted for medical termination of pregnancy. Your doctor usually will advise you an ultra-sonography and some blood tests before abortion.

Typically, an abortion that needs medicines costs about Rs. 1000 – 3000. Surgical abortion varies from Rs. 5000 – 30,000 depending on the place, your choice, complications and post-op care.

When to consult a doctor after termination of pregnancy

Usually, doctors prescribe medicines for couple of days after the procedure. Post abortion, women may feel nausea (vomiting sensation) and menstrual cramps followed by heavy bleeding or spotting for few days. In few cases, there is no bleeding as well.

But if any of these symptoms are seen, it is advisable to consult a gynecologist:

  • Heavy bleeding with clots (more than 2 pads per hour for more than 2 hours).
  • Pain or discomfort not relieved by medicines.
  • Fever
  • Vomiting for more than 4 to 6 hours
  • Foul smelling vaginal discharge

Few considerations that should be followed post abortion:

  • Avoid sexual contact with your partner for at least 15 days or as per your specialist’s advice
  • Avoid using tampons
  • Normal menses resumes within 4 – 6 weeks after abortion
  • Ovulation resumes in women after abortion. When you are sexually active, use contraceptives as per doctor’s advice.

What abortion law says?

As per Indian Law, abortion is termed as Medical Termination of Pregnancy and it is legally permitted under certain clauses.

A doctor can agree to abortion until 20th week of the pregnancy, if

  • pregnancy affects physical and mental health of the mother
  • fetus is diagnosed with birth defects
  • pregnancy puts the life of the mother in danger
  • under humanitarian grounds – pregnancy is an outcome of rape

In most cases, termination of pregnancy after 20 weeks puts the life of the expecting mother at risk rather than carrying a risky pregnancy.

An unplanned passion may cause a lot of trauma. The possible solution to avoid all complications is practicing safe sex to avoid pregnancy. Mere use of condoms can be very helpful in safeguarding both the partners. If you need to seek a qualified experts opinion and discuss in detail - consult our specialists

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